Make Some Noise

loudTurns out Brit Catherine Cartwright will not face jail time for having loud sex as a result of hundreds of complaints from neighbours about her noisy romps.

Which begs the question: how loud is too loud when it comes to sex?

“I was with this women who made so much noise during sex that at one point, I playfully flipped her over so her face would be in the pillow to try and muffle the sounds.” Safe to say this guy isn’t so into loud sex then. Either that or he’s got great serial-killer potential. “I don’t mind some appreciative moaning and groaning but this was embarrassing,” he answers. “I was constantly worried the neighbours would come over and wonder if we were sacrificing small animals.”

Sounds to me like she was having a good time. There is nothing quite as fabulous as having someone completely let go with you in the sack. But, it seems, when it comes to noisy sex, some people would rather not hear about it.

And maybe it’s because women tend to be more expressive in other areas of our lives, but it does seem that women are generally more, um, expressive in bed.

“I find men need to be encouraged to be more vocal,” says one very expressive female friend.

Or not. “I was with one guy who was screaming so loud it was scary,” laughs another female friend.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house full of noisy people, but I like a little racket in bed. There’s nothing like a little vocal encouragement to acknowledge a job well done. Good for the ego. It’s also helpful in getting what you want. Just crank up the volume a notch when he gets something right and he’ll get the message.

Besides its practical value, noisy nookie can be a turn on. And sometimes even knowing people can hear you can be pretty sexy. “One night, my girlfriend and I were going at it quite wild and loud,” another friend shares with me. “We really got into it when we started hearing my neighbour banging on the wall yelling at us to keep it down. We laughed it off but also found it quite exciting that someone heard us making love.”

And the fun goes both ways. One woman I know found out her neighbour had been inviting his friends over to listen to her and her boy have loud sex.

Not all noise is welcome. You have to admit, sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if maybe your partner has seen When Harry Met Sally one too many times.

“There is no bigger turn off than a rehearsed performance,” exclaims one noise-sensitive friend of mine. “Slow moans, kitten-like purrs and growls are all good. But too much, ?Oooo, yeah, baby’ stuff is a turn off.”

As far as I’m concerned, sex noises need not be elaborate, just sincere. And while it might be nice to come up with something that doesn’t make you sound like a bad porn movie, “Yes, yes,” “Oh God,” (though, maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, but that one makes me uncomfy) and “I’m coming,” if you need to get more specific, all work.

It’s also best if the person understands whatever comes out. “I was seeing a woman who kept screeching in Spanish. My Spanish isn’t that good but it sounded something like, ?Lick the sheet! Lick the sheet!'”

Then again, as one woman said to me, if you’re thinking about what you’re saying or what noise you’re making, you’re doing something wrong. “The best kind of sex, for me, is when you are so wildly passionate that you don’t know if you were loud or not.”

I hear ya!

What do you think? Noisy sex – turn-on or turn-off?

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Loved up or lacking luster? Keen to know what cupid has in store for you in this, the month of love? With just a few days to go before Valentine’s is upon us, be sure to check your love-o-scope so you can make the most of this weekend (and your love life beyond!)

By Kate Barnes


With Mars retrograde over your 7thhouse during the first quarter of the year the perfect one may not seem easy to find, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have excitement in your life. If single, Valentines Day and the first quarter of the year sees the possibility of a new and passionate relationship. You’ll either enjoy this for the short term or the intensity of the relationship will settle into a more comfortable place. Passion lies with a Libran, as they are an opposite, which brings an intensity that won’t fizzle out as long as you share the same priorities in life. Destiny may also lie with an Aquarian who offers stability for the long term. 2010 brings various stages to your relationship. For those in established relationships if Valentines Day isn’t filled with romance and surprises you won’t have to wait long. A romantic holiday will be just around the corner. Mid year on life becomes less stressful and singles and couples alike are relaxed and enjoying the loves in their lives.

Lucky days:

Feb 20, Mar 15, April 7

Lucky numbers:

1, 8, 9, 16, 17


With Jupiter smiling over your relationship sector throughout 2010 Valentines Day promises to be one of the best so far. You should find yourself lavished with attention whether they are new or an established relationship. Singles find 2010 brings a promise of a long-term relationship when the influence of Jupiter couples with Venus through April and again in September through to December. Stay focused on who works for you, as the planets are co-operating with you this year. Best love matches are with Cancer or Pisces who have you singing in the bedroom although they may be frustrating outside of it. Established relationships can look forward to engagements and wedding plans. Expect surprises Valentines Day and check your champagne glass before drinking in case there’s a diamond resting on the bottom. Taurus that is how good it is this year. Expect the best in your love life because it’s just about to walk in the door.

Lucky days:

Feb 18th, Mar 16th, April 26th

Lucky numbers:

5, 10, 15, 28, 36


Valentine’s Day has you sitting at rainbows end as engagements and proposals surround you. Venus and Mercury transit your 7th house converting love to marriage. If you’re single meeting someone new with long-term prospects is easy at this time. If you’re married the proposal could be offering something exciting like a holiday or property investment. Planets are moving you on to the next step. Leo offers the potential for a good relationship although the affinity felt with a Sagittarian could sour to conflict over time, better to tread cautiously. You love change so you are best suited to those whose lives don’t run around routine, over time you would rather stick pins in your eyes. You may also find Valentine’s Day has you making decisions over two people in your love life. Singles meet more than one person, and those in relationships may have to resist the temptation of someone new. Quality is always a better policy than quantity. Either way Valentine’s Day and 2010 will be anything but boring.

Lucky Days:

Feb 24th, March 20th, April 1st

Lucky Numbers:

7, 12, 28, 29, 31


You may feel disappointed or left out over Valentines Day. The key is not to have expectations at this time. Your turn will definitely come it’s just not now, this applies mostly to engagements and marriage. The prospects of these are far more likely during the 2nd half of the year. Valentines Day has single Cancer meeting a special someone with an overseas connection. It wouldn’t be surprising if it is close to Chinese New Year or St Patrick’s Day, being as they are overseas festivals. It’s a great time to get out socially and your love life will blossom quickly, it’s commitment that’s not likely to appear until the 2nd half of the year. Marriage comes in so strongly during the 2nd half of 2010 that if you are not getting married yourself you’ll find yourself as a guest or in the bridal party at weddings. An enormous amount of Cancerians have successful marriages with other Cancerians, if your fate lies elsewhere be cautious with a Capricorn as they are your nemeses.

Lucky Days:

Feb 24th, March 6th, April 14th

Lucky Numbers:

10, 12, 33, 37, 38


With the influence of Mars on the 4thhouse all may not seem smooth on the domestic front. This doesn’t mean you’re not showered with love and attention this Valentine’s Day. Singles will meet someone new in casual surroundings. At the beach, BBQ or a café. It’s when you least expect it, partly because planets are ruffling your feathers lately. Mars will have you feeling pessimistic. Don’t fall for it though, make sure you keep socially occupied rather than skulk at home. Don’t wear your daggy shorts to the BBQ either, thinking no one special will be there will catch you off guard. So the message is, you may feel one way but it’s actually another. The same applies to relationships. You may feel as though you are not special but you are about to see how loved you really are. Aries and Sagittarius work well for you as long as no one is trying to be the boss. Libra and Gemini will enjoy the good things in life for you. If it’s an Aquarian you’re after get used to seeing their back!

Lucky Days:

Feb 17th, Mar 9th, April 4th

Lucky Numbers:



Valentine’s Day and 2010 Virgo you have won the love lotto! Transiting planets during the 1st and 2nd quarter are so favourable in all your relationships it’s a promise of domestic bliss. If you are in an established relationship you can expect proposals and further commitment. Couples will feel they’re blessed with the level of happiness in their lives. Singles can expect someone so special your only warning is like the end of the Willy Wonka movie. You know what happened to the Virgo who got everything they wanted, they lived happily ever after. So your chocolate factory can best be found with another earth sign Capricorn or Taurus. Passion lies with a dark haired, blue-eyed Pisces. You will always be a bit of a mystery to one another.

Lucky Days:

Feb 12th, Mar 22nd, April 11th

Lucky Numbers:



As Mercury transits your 4th house Valentine’s Day brings a connection with all that’s from OS. Singles may find themselves in a restaurant that has an overseas theme or you could be meeting someone who has just returned from an overseas holiday. While socializing make sure you’re dressed to make a lasting impression, as your future Mr/Ms right is not far away. Travel is definitely on the cards in 2010 and singles travelling around Valentine’s Day have the potential to meet that someone special on their trip. If you’re married or in a relationship and you’re organizing Valentine’s Day, your partner is guaranteed to be spoilt as you are romantic, affectionate and have a penchant for quality. On the other side of that your partner should know that you expect nothing less. As long as they are giving of themselves you’ll be happy. If you find yourself in the arms of an Aquarian or Gemini you’ll find a mutual appreciation for all that is beautiful, interesting and refined. Although Aries is opposite Libra and normally one would tread carefully, you’ll have the time of your life. You’ll laugh, love and play well together. Go for it!

Lucky Days:

Feb 12th, Mar 6th, April 17th

Lucky Numbers:



When does a Scorpio not have something going on in their love life! Singles can expect a lot of action around Valentines Day as transiting planets bring you closer to that special someone.  Make sure you’re dressed in your sexiest and that touch of red always works well for you. Singles won’t be single for long and you can look forward to relationships blossoming. Relationships generally are more harmonious at this time of year. Travel is indicated in your horoscope and some of you will be settling in foreign lands. A new relationship could take you overseas and if single a move overseas will bring a long lasting relationship into your life. With Saturn and Jupiter transiting success is yours this year and you’ll feel confident in all your undertakings. Love lies perhaps with a Cancer or Pisces but for passion a Taurus will never be boring.

Lucky Numbers:

8, 11, 19, 27, 39

Lucky Days:

Feb 24th, Mar 17th, Apr 11th


Planets indicate that the first few months of 2010 could feel troublesome, so you may not feel up to making a Valentines Day effort. Naughty. You will disappoint yourself and others if you go with that. You have great stars for the rest of the year so you need to enjoy Valentines with your special someone. Singles will be nicely surprised with a lot of attention. There’s a lot happening socially and getting involved will lift you out of the doldrums. You are a sign blessed with beauty and luck and a bad day for you is a good day for the rest of us, so get out there it’s all waiting. After the first few months of the year life takes off, big time. Plenty of money, travel and relationships are great. If you’re in a relationship the connection is deeper in 2010. You’ll find you are spoilt Valentines and most of this year. Personal touches like massages are a great gift for you to give. Fire and water usually don’t mix, but Scorpio will never dampen your flame.

Lucky Days:

Feb 27th, Mar 3rd, Apr 8th

Lucky Numbers:

1, 9, 14, 20, 30


2010 is one of the best years for relationships for you. If you’re single at the moment there’s still time to meet someone to share Valentines Day with. Your planets are so positive this year that it could happen as quickly as that. A Taurus could meet all your desires. They’re strong, dependable, romantic and the most loyal of all signs. Never make the mistake of telling them what to do and then it’s all easy from there. Capricorns are attracted to the more conservative and conventional so if single push yourself a little harder to try something different, clothes, hair styles. This wouldn’t hurt if you were married either, a change is as good as a holiday. Your partner will love a surprise new you. The point is so will you. A boost of confidence will bring new energy into existing relationships. You have lots of support from family and friends this year, and you could find financial support from family a possibility. Life is about to move ahead enormously, just be ready for it now instead of waiting.

Lucky Days:

Feb 14th, Mar 1st, April 16th

Lucky Numbers:

14, 16, 28, 33, 34


As Jupiter transits Saturn in your second house Valentines Day finds you falling in love. They’re either new, or if it’s an established relationship you’re falling deeper in love. For those who have been together a long time your love life will feel renewed this year. No matter what stage you are at in your relationship expect it to take a big leap forward. Singles will find they’re more attractive to the opposite sex. You’ll feel as though you’ve gone from famine to feast. Better to avoid Leo’s as a love match but Sagittarius will have you trembling at the knees and offers a passionate relationship that is never boring. Sagittarius will never be dull, especially if you love the outdoors. Aquarius has it all in 2010. Happy relationships, money and long trips. You are being guided forward so expect changes where they are needed. It’s a domino effect. For Valentines singles should make plans with friends for as I say you can expect anything at this time.

Lucky Days:

Feb 13th, Mar 11th, Apr 4th

Lucky Numbers:

3, 6, 9, 39, 40


It’s possible for you to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year, or an Academy Award. You will find you are so popular this year that anything you wish for will probably come your way. Singles will not only be dazzling to others you will find a mutual attraction to someone magnetic. Single have an ideal year for relationships, especially 1st, 2nd and 4thquarter. Valentines Day should have you on a popularity list and it probably isn’t a matter of are you celebrating Valentines Day with someone but more likely “which one” is the question. Either way you’re not going to be single for much longer. Couples can enjoy a deeper connection to their partners and Pisces can expect to be spoilt with romantic dinners and presents. If you’re looking for a connection that’s earth moving Taurus is for you as long as you aren’t emotionally needy or bossy, as they won’t tolerate either. Otherwise romance lies in the arms of a Cancer. They’ll be dependable but also able to meet you emotionally.

Lucky Days:

Feb 15th, Mar 9th, Apr 7th

Lucky Numbers:

16, 19, 23, 34, 43

How to have a standout profile

By Mark AmundsendatingYou’ve got the drop-dead photo; you’ve compiled your vital statistics; you’ve decided on what you’re looking for in a relationship. Time to write the profile essay! But there’s that blank screen, not yet polluted by a single character of your allotted 4,000, daunting you and taunting you. Finally, in a panic, you hammer out something like this:

“I’m a fantastic person and you’ll really like me unless you don’t, in which case I guess I’m wrong, ha ha ha. Love puppies, kittens, shoes, puppies in shoes, etc. I probably drive a better car than you. I’m totally over being stood up for the high school prom now. But if you’re reading this, Jennifer Smith, don’t contact me! LOL. Counseling sessions down to one a week. Anyway, I might be enigmatic, but then again, I might not be. Wink at me and find out!”

You suspect this may not be your finest effort. But perhaps you haven’t been called on to do any creative writing — other than itemizing your deductions — in years. How can you come up with a sensational profile that shows off the real you? Here are some suggestions that will make for a killer profile.

1. Go Low-Tech
For your initial draft, get out your good old-fashioned pen and paper. (Yes, they still make both items.) Most of us write slower by hand, which means we write more carefully and have time to think before we blurt.

2. Remember: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect Right Now
Don’t be put off by that big blank spot. Just jot down the things you would like someone to know about you, and worry about the grammar and spelling later. Don’t get all sales-pitchy at this point; just stick to the facts.

3. Tell It Like It Is
Linda Mastaglio, a communications consultant who helps business pros write prose more effectively, cautions against characterizing yourself as something you aren’t. “Don’t say ‘I love to dance’ if you really mean ‘I’d like to learn to dance someday.’ Don’t say ‘I love museums’ if you haven’t been to one for five years. If you want people to trust you, then be truthful in all your ways,” says Mastaglio. And this is also to your benefit in that, as Mastaglio says, “Honesty will help you attract the kind of person you really want.”

4. Keep It Simple, Sweetheart
Don’t haul out the five-dollar words unless you normally throw them around like beads at Mardi Gras. Be careful with the corporate talk, text-message abbreviations or other jargon. They may seem pretentious, and they can also act as a smoke screen to cover up the person doing the writing. Instead, as you turn your draft into English, think about what it is within you that you want to share with someone else — and not necessarily about creating a deep bonding of two souls. “If you want to attract someone with a motorcycle,” says Mastaglio, “write, ‘I love motorcycles; if you do too, then let’s take a ride!’”

5. Keep It Clean
By keeping your profile “clean” I mean more than just conforming to the posting guidelines. Now is the time to get a dictionary and use it to polish up your writing. It doesn’t have to gleam; it just has to not have any glaring errors that would make you feel embarrassed if you spotted them later.

6. Let It Be
Tracy Tidings is a senior technical writer — a field in which clarity in communications is everything. She suggests that after you write your profile, wait a day or two before posting it: “Go back and reread it from the perspective, ‘Would this be someone I would be interested in dating?’” If not, what’s wrong with it? Give it some more tweaks or a complete overhaul, then bring in a friend for a second opinion. (Helpful tips specifically for the guys can also be found in 7 profile mistakes guys make. Ladies can reference 6 profile mistakes women make.)

Above all, remember to have some fun with your profile. Believe that the lives of others will be enriched by meeting you, and let your self-description reflect that.

Mark Amundsen is a writer and editor in New York who is fine at writing when he is not writing about Mark Amundsen, as he is at the moment.

source  : msn

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Kontes SEO – Portal lifestyle dan entertainment Astaga!com mengadakan kontes Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Kontes ini dimulai Senin, 30 November 2009 tepat pukul 16.00 WIB.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for WordPress

By Michael Pollock

1. Write keyword rich post titles – it almost goes without saying, but the post title is the most important part of the blog post for many reasons. From your reader’s perspective, a descriptive and compelling title helps them decide if your post is worth reading or not. From an SEO perspective, think about the keywords or phrases people might type into a search box to find your post 2 months from now, and use those words or phrases in your post title. For maximum benefit, try to avoid titles that are cute, clever or cryptic.

2. Make your post titles live links – many of the WP themes already do this, but if yours doesn’t, you can add the necessary code pretty easily. In your Main Index Template and Page Template, find the code for the post tiltle. It’ll probably look like this:

<h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

To link your post titles, you’ll want to replace that code with the following (be sure to leave out the “#” symbols):

<h2><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>

3. Optimize your permalinks – the default WP 2.0 installation displays permalinks this way: A more search-engine friendly permalink includes the post title in the link, like this: This is a simple change to make. In your WP admin panel, click on the “Options” tab, then the “Permalinks” sub-tab, and choose the option just below the “Default” permalink option. See the WordPress Codex for more on permailinks.

4. Optimize your page titles – According to most SEO experts, the page title tag is one of the most important tags on your page. In most WP themes, you’ll find the page title tag in the Header Template, and the default version ususally looks like this:

<title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

The best tweak I’ve seen to optimize this tag comes from Stephen Spencer, who suggests using the following code for page title tag (omit the “#”):

<title><?php if (is_home()) { print "whatever title I want to have on my blog home page."; } else { wp_title(' '); print " : "; bloginfo('name'); } ?></title>

This tweak does a couple different things. First, it allows you to use a more descriptive, keyword-rich title for your blog’s main page. And second, for the individual post pages, it will use the title of your post as the page title, which is another reason to follow the advice I mentioned in #1 above.

5. Use the related posts plugin – Alex Malov’s Related Entries plugin is a neat little addition to any WP blog. Not only does it enhance your blog’s usability, but it also helps create a dense link structure throughout your site, which makes it easier for the search engine spiders to find and index older blog posts.

6. Use the Google sitemap plugin – According to Google:

“Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google index and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google.”

WordPress user Arne Brachold has made the sitemap creation and submission process fairly simple with his Google Sitemap plugin, which was recently updated for WP 2.0. This plugin will create a sitemap for you and submit it to Google.

Additionally, Elliot Kosmicki offers a script that will convert your Google sitemap into a Yahoo compliant sitemap that you can submit to Yahoo.

7. Add meta keyword tags and Technorati tags to your posts automatically – although it’s questionable whether or not meta keywords are still valuable when it comes to SEO, ultimately, they can’t hurt. As far as Technorati tags, they have little impact on SEO, but they can help increase your traffic directly from Technorati, so it’s a good idea to use them.Rick Boakes created the Autometa plugin that will add both tags to your posts automatically.

Another simple and effective Technorati tag generator I’ve used is Broobles’ Simple Tags plugin.

8. Validate your code – Use the W3C Markup Validation Service to ensure the code behind your pages is clean and valid. If you find your pages have errors in the code, hire or make friends with a savvy web developer to help you clean it up. See Google’s Information for Webmasters for more info on creating a technically valid site.

If you have further SEO tips for WordPress blogs, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.